Peace and Patience, Please

How intentional, methodical purging and simple systems helped a working mom have more peace and patience with her family.

appreciation for order

Neha has two young children. She and her husband work demanding full-time jobs and they recently moved from a condo to a house.

As a Montessori educator, Neha is intimately familiar with the positive effect that orderly, carefully composed spaces have on her classrooms’ quiet dynamism, and ultimately human development and growth.

taking BACK the reins

The process of unpacking and settling into her new house prompted Neha to realize that things had been running on auto-pilot, and not in a good way. It became evident that her home and things could serve her better, starting today.

[The move] prompted me to rethink how everything is organized in my house as well what do I really need?


healthy skepticism

I was really hesitant letting someone see all parts of my house. But Renata is patient and really guides you to figure out what your ideal lifestyle is. She knows what it is like to have a family and young kids, so she knows what challenges you could face. It’s amazing how quickly I became comfortable with her.


Though at first Neha was not convinced that she needed help with purging and organizing, she decided the time was ripe for action.

Neha initially brought in Reveal to get the initial push to dive into what seemed like an overwhelming and open-ended project.

I started with signing up for just a few “areas” to tidy and then ended up doing the whole house after seeing how useful it was!



After tackling the clothes category, Neha realized how valuable the structure, accountability, systems, and empathetic coaching built into the Reveal Method are; as she added new categories to the project, her home and routines started to positively transform along with her attitude and energy for the project.

I was surprised by the number of clothes I owned and the number I gave away. While I knew that in theory this was common for everyone, it was surprising to see how many different emotions I had attached to various items of clothing.

My favorite section to get through was paper. It started off very daunting but became so easy as it was broken down into small doable steps!


Neha also began to experience the freedom of being truly in charge of the process. Reveal eschews any formulaic approaches that prioritize theory over real needs, or a prescribed aesthetic that can stiffle function and personal preference.

What I really liked about the process was Renata’s practical approach to organizing. I’m a bit wary about buying new gadgets or new organizing “things.” But being able to repurpose what I already have was nice. I really like the idea of doing the whole house and then figuring out what we really need [to buy]. It is in line with a more essentialist approach to living.


Reveal Method goes beyond containers and color-coding: Neha got tailored space planning advice that enabled her family to maximize their living spaces. For example, she created a dressing room, luggage, and holiday decor closets and repurposed existing furniture to achieve her new goals.


Neha learned to ‘fish for herself’ for years to come.

One of my main insights was finding out my strengths and weaknesses. While not able to create the system, I am much more confident that I will be able to maintain it once it is established in the house. I was also able to take what I learned and apply it.


As a result, Neha has newfound confidence in her ability to set routines to run on autopilot without becoming complacent, and to remain intentional about what comes and stays in her home.

This is by far one of the best decisions I’ve made for our house, and for my life! It has honestly made me more peaceful and have more patience with my family.

Every thing has a place in the house, which makes it easy to find. So I spend less time doing the everyday chores (tidying, paper work). I strongly recommend at least reaching out to [Ren] if you are at all considering organizing your home.


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Photo Credit: Renata Watts

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