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I help you solve a “missing piece” design dilemma by focusing on a single styling element – pick one: space planning, paint and wallpaper, lighting, textiles, art and wall decor, rug, furnishings, or accessories – during a live consultation. I deliver advice and practical next steps. You take notes and execute suggestions at your own pace.

$85/hour with a $150 minimum (up to 2 hours)


I provide a combination of advice plus a specific plan that addresses a combination of foundational styling elements – pick any three: space planning, paint and wallpaper, lighting, textiles, art and wall decor, rug, furnishings, or accessories. I assess your situation, space, and belongings and deliver detailed recommendations that you implement at your own pace.

$85/hour with a $850 retainer (approx. 10 hours; unused time is refunded)


I deliver a comprehensive consideration of all eight foundational styling elements – space planning, paint and wallpaper, lighting, textiles, art and wall decor, rug, furnishings, or accessories – plus my personal assistance with executing your plan. Whether you live out of state and are building a second home in SWFL or are short on capacity to take on a project, I can style, shop, and install your room.

$85/hour with a $3,400 retainer (approx. 40 hours; unused time is refunded)

4 / NEW BUILD finish + FIXTURE

Although retail residential developers offer curated finish, fixture, and hardware options, it can feel overwhelming to mix and match them confidently. Let me help you make timeless selections for your new construction home so that it can evolve with your family over life’s many stages while retaining its value over time. 

$85/hour with a $850 minimum (approx. 10 hours)


Sometimes what a room needs the most is a new color. Paint can be transformative for better… or for worse! Skip the angst and the guessing and let me help you select ceiling, millwork, and wall colors that enhance your home’s overall finishes and mood.

$85/room, $150/open concept space, $250/exterior, Samples are extra


Perhaps you have a “styling moment,” a vignette like a console or coffee table, bookshelf or mantle, or even a home chapel that’s in need of a refresh? Maybe you’d like to mark Liturgical seasons and Feast Days with special textiles, accessories and fresh or faux floral arrangements? Whatever the need or occasion, let me lend you a hand and my eyes.

$85/hour with a $150 minimum


Consider this quote about Saint John of the Cross’ teaching on detachment: “God, being most respectful of the freedom He has given us, speaks to our heart when it is uncluttered and silent” (Fire Within, Thomas Dubay, page 140). Detachment of spirit starts with our environment because it engages our senses which in turn routinely awaken and feed inordinate desires. Yet, environmental decluttering, like spiritual detachment, can be challenging to achieve without a guide. Allow me to bring an approachable, systematic, and simple program to help you remove obstacles to your and your family’s spiritual growth.

$85/hour with a $150 minimum


Looking to move? Make the best possible impression on potential buyers without expensive staging rental and installation fees. I’ll give you advice on what and how to declutter and depersonalize your space for the camera. Once you’ve done the work, I come back and style your space for photos and/or before an open house.

$85/hour with a $250 minimum per room, $750 for open concept


I approach your home as an ecosystem designed to serve your family now.

My work is prayerfully informed by the teachings of the Catholic Church as well as principles from the cognitive and business operations management sciences.

I prize each household, honoring its unique needs and the trust clients place in me.

Read more about Reveal here.


INTEGRITY / Value honesty and transparency.

CREATIVITY / Connect dots and see opportunity in unexpected places.

EMPATHY / Place myself in your shoes and make peace.

RESOURCEFULNESS / Say ‘no, but…’

DILIGENCE / Work methodically, follow through, and go the extra mile.

PERSEVERANCE / Partner with you to do the complete job.

SERVICE / Do little things with great love.


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