The Next ‘Stage’

How expert staging enabled a family to sell their house quickly and at 40% over their asking price.

From Customized to Custom

Mary and her family had recently finished renovating their house to suit their tastes and current life season when they stumbled upon, and pounced on, their dream custom home.


Though elated about it, the move meant that Mary and her family now needed to sell their current home both well and quickly.

With two demanding careers and two young children, there was too much at stake to “learn on the go” or “go it alone.”

Reveal method
Credit: Courtney Cania

mind the gap

Though Mary’s house had been renovated to a high degree of craftsmanship and taste, she was unsure where to focus her limited time and attention to get great real estate photos and even better offers.

Mary brought in Reveal Method to lighten her load and unlock value. The goal was to get the house to market as quickly as possible while setting the asking price as the floor of incoming offers.

You are gifted at quickly seeing how to make a home feel cozy.



Reveal Method brought strategy, vision, and pace to the job.

Everyday-life objects, accessories, art, and furniture were reconfigured to achieve 3 important goals:

  1. Create focal points for the eye to linger and the mind to imagine,
  2. Give every last corner purpose to maximize the sense of space, and
  3. Visually articulate buyers’ latent desires – for calm, order, ease, and space – and create emotional connection
Reveal method
Credit: Courtney Cania

Reveal’s keen attention to detail and a methodical approach to staging also ensured Mary’s house was free from 3 common and critical ‘misses’ that affect how potential buyers emotionally connect with spaces:

  1. Friction, whether a door getting caught on a rug or a ‘messy’ closet that whispers ‘there’s not enough storage’ can burst the dream bubble
  2. Photos that speak louder than the walkthrough experience; buyers should feel that spaces were “even better than the pictures”
  3. A walkthrough ambiance that fails to relativize buyers’ constraints – architecture, size, location, price – and strengthen the emotional connection that feeds competition
Reveal method
Credit: Courtney Cania

Reaping Rewards

Our realtor was thrilled with all of your work. She said with a big smile, ‘She nailed it!’ Thank you!!!


Professional staging helped Mary’s family communicate to buyers that their house was one of a kind and worth not only above-ask offers, but also relaxed contingencies.

Though the market in Mary’s town was hot, her family accepted a white-hot offer 42% over the asking price.

Cover Photo Credit: via Heidi Reiss Coldwell Bankers / Post Photo Credit: Courtney Cania Photography

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