It’s Like Therapy

How a TV personality, for whom getting dressed in the morning is part of her job, revealed her A+ wardrobe for work and life.

Good Morning, Canada

Anne hosts and reports for a popular morning TV show. Anne’s days start at 3:30AM and her first assignment is to get dressed for the camera.

Life at home with her husband and three young kids seldom leaves enough time to tackle life projects, so though critical to her daily life, Anne’s closet has been neglected.

too much of a good thing

Anne has spent her entire working life on TV and has accumulated outfits to suit every possible camera need and life stage.

Her wardrobe is now so full that Anne is having trouble navigating it. The daily act of dressing and undressing has become difficult.

My closet spills into my room and it’s such a stressful way to start/end the day… I’ve been evaluating what I need to change.


together is better

Anne brought in Reveal to give the overwhelming task of organizing her clothes perspective and structure with built-in accountability.


Anne lacked an overarching filter to guide the decision-making process. As a result, evaluating each piece of clothing in isolation left her feeling doubtful and exhausted.

Ren drew on her coaching training to guide Anne toward revealing criteria that define the clothing that works for Anne and result in outfits, and an overall wardrobe, that make her feel confident and good.

Throughout the sessions, Anne clarified her understanding of what she likes in concrete terms. For example, wrap dresses, structured sleeves, and floral patterns. Importantly, Anne also uncovered key offenders: colors that clash with her complexion and unflattering materials.

“I was telling my sister that it’s more than just tossing things; it’s really acknowledging how and why things don’t serve you anymore and won’t in future which is like an “on” switch when it comes to understanding why certain things should be let go!”


avoid stage fright

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Reveal used Marie Kondo’s guideline to declutter clothing:

  1. Tops
  2. Bottoms
  3. Dresses & Skirts
  4. Undergarments
  5. Accessories
  6. Outerwear and Shoes

We split the project into sessions that mirrored Marie Kondo’s structure. Since each session had a clear goal, Anne was no longer paralyzed by the scope of the work before her.

Good morning! I have to say, even with bottoms and dresses on the list to complete, I dressed myself confidently this morning in two seconds. TWO SECONDS!


Because Anne understood with certainty what works for her, the purging phase moved quickly. Paradoxically, the more Anne let go of, the closer her wardrobe came to being complete.

Wow, I cannot believe this! I let go of so much and yet I feel like I didn’t lose anything! How is that possible?



Over the course of our sessions, Anne let go of about 8 20-gallon bags of clothing that spanned nearly two decades of her personal and working life. Anne brought her wardrobe to the present, energized to welcome the future at work and at home.

I never thought I would say this, but [Ren] made organizing FUN! I now have an organized closet full of belongings I actually love. Thanks to her help, I wake up feeling lighter and more focused as I take on the day. I’m forever grateful and highly recommend!


Photo Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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