It Totally Sings

How a partnership between client, builder, and Reveal Method yielded a cherished family home and a fresh new start for a basic colonial.

for the long haul

After five moves in less than two years, this family was ready to put down roots. They found a fitting but basic colonial house in a great location and set out to make it their own.

the pain of plain

The house started out with an almost-there floor plan, a good size, and great views. However, everything about how it was finished underwhelmed the clients.

The quality of finish materials and fixtures, as well as the lack of attention to detail were grating.

In addition, the clients wanted to make sure their existing furniture and extensive art collection would find a perfect spot in their new spaces.

match made in heaven

The family embodied the Reveal mantra of “form follows function, and quality only hurts once.”

With this ethos as a guiding light, they hired an outstanding builder and engaged Reveal’s help to coordinate finishes, fixtures, and place their existing furniture brought from their prior residence.

Ln 050 3

Immediately upon your departure Brian and I remarked to each other how very TALENTED you are at design. We feel so lucky to be working with you!


Reveal set out to create a specification binder that included finish details on paint, countertops, tiles, plumbing and lighting fixtures.

Apropos of nothing every time I take the kids in the house I am always struck by how good the color of our walls looks.


hear the angels singing

Once renovations were completed, Reveal helped them layout their existing furniture and place artwork throughout all three levels of the home.

Ln 049 1

I highly recommend Ren for all-things interior design! Thanks to her excellent choices, the colors in our house totally sing; our fixtures are functional and totally beautiful; and our favorite furnishings transported from our previous house are adapted just perfectly in our new home.


The clients were so happy with the results of their interiors that they called Reveal back a few months later to specify details for the overhaul of the exterior of their home.

Photo Credit: Greg Bruce Hubbard Photography and Kingdom Kitchens

no more analysis paralysis

If interior design gets you feeling more agony than joy…