Lunch and Learn

How Reveal Method helped an employer motivate their people during the depths of the pandemic.


Sarah works in the human resources department at an organization that helps “students and families have the information, assistance, and financial aid to achieve their goals for college and beyond.”


Sarah reached out to Reveal in deep winter just as the country was nearing its first full year of pandemic restrictions, including remote work.

Employees were feeling the weight of isolation, and Sarah’s team was tasked with hosting a virtual retreat titled Cabin Fever.

veritable variety

The goal was to offer employees lots of choice so they could self-select into the wellness-related topics that most interested them.

Sarah’s weeklong event featured hour-long workshops that were presented at least twice to ensure everyone who wanted to attend could do so.

urge to purge

Reveal recommended a paper decluttering workshop since the advent of work-from-home arrangements meant that home offices were now the destination for both home and work paperwork.

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[I] had the pleasure of working with Renata in the early stages of our event – in the planning stage. Renata was incredibly clear and concise in describing what she would be teaching our employees and the event turned out exactly as she stated.


impact and inspiration

Sarah had a successful Cabin Fever event and Reveal’s workshop was lively and employees thought the information was very useful.

Screen shot 2023 02 10 at 4.25.57 pm

Employees thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. We got a lot of good feedback.

[Renata] wanted employees to experience it (interactive) so that it [would] lead to change. Renata, you did it -success. You inspired me too.

Thank you so much for two successful workshops.


Photo Credit: Reveal Method

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