Unburdening You

In case you missed it, Reveal Method was featured by Seven Days newspaper in an article about professional organizers in Vermont.

As skilled organization has gained traction in the last few years, so has the concept of self-forgiveness, which is championed as a mental health tool in do-it-yourself books and apps. To reach a point of acceptance when it comes to clutter, it’s crucial to set up some boundaries against the perfectly curated homes that are ubiquitous on social media.

That teaching is something Renata Watts, an organizer in Thetford, consciously brings to every job. Watts, who started her company, Reveal, in 2018 and also attended KonMari training, said there’s no denying that perfect order at home feels good. But the reality of a full life — complete with jobs, hobbies, children or pets — makes it nearly impossible to achieve.

“It’s a standard that nobody can live up to,” Watts said of the exquisite interiors on social media that can spark guilt, not joy. “It creates this feast for the eyes, but in real life it can be very demoralizing.”

Watts’ goal is to coach her clients to find order, and peace, in their surroundings in a way that they can reasonably achieve. Things don’t have to be perfect.

“I want to take away the burden from my clients — not give them new, unreasonable standards to live up to,” she said.

“Moving? Decluttering? Vermont’s Professional Home Organizers Can Coach You Through It” by Seven Days newspaper

You can read the whole feature here.