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Pandemic Lessons in Goal-Setting and a Radical New Approach for 2022 and Beyond

January 11, 2022

Pandemic Lessons in Goal-Setting and a Radical New Approach for 2022 and Beyond

I’d just sat down to squeeze in a little more deep work between seeing the two older kids off to school and before the third one woke up.

I was laser focused on continuing to sort my company goals for 2022. I thought I’d save Fiona’s email for later, but before long I was responding to her call-to-action as I skimmed it.

Fiona Humberstone is a lovely and brilliant brand consultant. I’ve had the good fortune to come across her work (links at the end of the post) early on in REVEAL’s life.

Her note struck a chord because she, like so many of us, is taking a new and more fluid approach to goal-setting this year. And that’s exactly where I’m headed too, and where I might stay long after the pandemic’s challenges subside.

Today I share a bit about my goal setting approach in the past, how it’s evolved, and where I hope to take it next.

goal setting pre-pandemic

Before 2020, all I wanted was to focus REVEAL on one of my two chief interests: Business management and home management.

My overarching goal, in short, was to match my education, experience, gifts, and opportunities with the greater calling whispering to me through the people I served.

Goal setting when you’re trying something new, like in a young company’s life, can be erratic.

It’s all about being nimble and hyper-present. About noticing, in the moment, what’s working and what’s not.

You don’t aim, aim, then shoot. You shoot, shoot, aim, then shoot again.

Renata Watts

There are times in our lives when this is the case too, transitions of any kind come to mind – a new job, move, baby.

In REVEAL’s early days, I said yes to as many opportunities as possible hoping to hit that elusive combination of factors.

It was frustrating, and even scary at times. It was easy to feel adrift, stuck, directionless, or even like I was quitting. Though I did have a very clear goal, it was hard to put metrics around it because my projects were so experimental and I could pull the plug on things very quickly.

Goal setting during the pandemic

Once the pandemic set in, my goals became about survival. I mean that in more than just a financial, going-concern sense. I had a baby at home, two other young children on a precarious “back to school” agenda, and no outside help.

In 2020, any commitment felt like a gamble. Still, I continued to coach. Everything was slower and any metrics I had set for myself vaporized. I also struggled to become consistent in creating content, which is problematic because it helps me refine the method.

In 2021, the dynamics didn’t change much, but I surprised myself by serving over a dozen clients with coaching. Especially since I also committed massive amounts of time toward rebuilding a house with my husband, and we moved our family to (a different) house in a new village. Whew!

What Changed

In a strange way, survival mode sharpened the relief of my landscape. I could now see very clearly what really matters, my bedrock mission: Family, home, service.

I became convinced, beyond doubt or exhaustion, that I’m answering my true calling in life through REVEAL METHOD.

I’ve never experienced, through any other kind of work, the kind of unwavering compassion that I feel when I’m with my clients. I’m in the trenches with them. It is pure love.

The chemistry of witnessing my education, experience, ability, and opportunity come together to bear fruit in another person’s life is really powerful.

What gets me out of bed each morning is the trust my clients place in me while they navigate what can be a vulnerable, intimate, and overwhelming journey.

Renata Watts

Work truly is personal and relational. Any misguided notions of goal-setting around an audience, algorithm, and offerings have completely dissipated. Because I’ve been trained in business, this outlook is a temptation I’ve had to fight!

Goal setting going forward

None of these discoveries were “goals” initially, but they’ve proven indispensable for the maturation of my vision, mission, and REVEAL’s growth! And this is why this year I’m taking an entirely new approach.

Going forward, I want to have conventional goals (and a solid plan) as a means to an end – to stay organized, to keep clarity within reach, to course-correct – not as ends in themselves.

I’m still using helpful frameworks like SMART and OKR to break down my major goals into doable bits and stay accountable. But that’s no longer my focus, I’m seeing farther now!

This year, I want REVEAL METHOD to come out of its cocoon. I’m ready for it to fly, to flutter its wings, even if it’s wobbly and scary the whole year long.

It’s almost as if I’ve finally learned to extend the compassion I experience for my clients to myself and the challenges I face as a founder who is also a mom of a young family.

Renata Watts

I’m going to aim high, but I’m not going to prescribe the precise course to my destination just yet. I’m going to let the way emerge before me as I take one tiny step toward it every day.

Keeping it simple

Here are my two guideposts for 2022:

  • To introduce live workshops and digital lessons where women can acquire the knowledge, tools, behaviors, and experiences to deepen self-awareness, transform their approach to home management, and achieve sustainable harmony.
  • To nurture a sisterhood committed to reclaiming and revealing what is essential about each of their personal characters, homes, and lives.

I want to look back on this year and hopefully say: I’ve taken the business structure I spent the last three years standing up and made it into a sanctuary for the people I came to this world to serve.

Renata Watts

How are your goals different this year? I’d love to hear over on Instagram @reveal.method.


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