My experience with the KonMari Method ‘Click Point’

November 11, 2020

KonMari’s Click Point

The Just-Right Click Point is Marie Kondo’s term for the ah-ha moment we experience when we reach an amount of belongings that’s just right for us.

For many of us, the Click Point is the whole point of tidying. It’s the culmination of the tidying journey. It means we’ve reached equilibrium: We have enough things that bring us joy. In addition, going forward, we also know exactly how to identify what contributes to or detracts from this equilibrium.

My KonMari Story

It took me about six months to tidy my clothes the KonMari way. When I was done, storage still felt temporary. I hadn’t yet managed to have everything in one place.

I also instinctively knew it: I hadn’t reached my Click Point.

Instead of feeling guilty that “I’d done it wrong,” each time I took a piece of clothing out to wear, I was keenly aware of my level of satisfaction with it. 

Perhaps the shirt was too high maintenance and needed dry cleaning or ironing (I have no plans to do either). Maybe the fit was less than ideal; my body has certainly changed after pregnancies. At other times, I took a more global view of an entire subcategory of clothing, such as socks or pants. (By the way, for a step-by-step guide on how to assess and curate your wardrobe, read this post series.)

If I felt like putting a shirt back to try another, I’d just decide on the spot: Does this piece of clothing belong to the “right now” of my life?

Renata Watts

A couple months later, I had managed to fit all of my clothing into my closet. There were no boxes of seasonal items in the attic or hanging in the spare closet. Even my single fancy evening gown was there.

Still… I had not reached my Click Point!

For example, I noticed that I still had too many stockings. I haven’t worked a career job that requires stockings in at least 12 years! My stockings were tidied but forgotten… I also noticed some beloved pieces were too worn out to wear. Out they all went.

The afetermath

My KonMari voyage took at least six months. That might seem long. But here’s the payoff: now I can confidently say I’ve reached my Click Point.

And here’s what it’s meant to me: without the baggage of all the things that didn’t really reflect or support my true identity, I’ve revealed it! I’ve become acutely aware and committed to my mission (read more here). 

Excellence in home management, of which organizing is one core skill, helps you create a sustainable path to the life you want.

Renata Watts

Honing my home management skills and finding the Click Point in so much of what makes up daily life, has helped me to:

  • Own fewer things that I have to maintain and steward
  • Achieve a level of clarity on my life mission that I never thought possible
  • Master my craft, which has led me to love it even more
  • Freely cultivate purpose for today and dreams for tomorrow

Your things are resources, support actors, and manifestations of your journey. There is only what is and what is going to be, not what should be.

Home management is a life skill that when mastered refines our daily, ordinary choices toward clarity about and alignment with our true identity, authentic desires, and unique gifts.

When we approach our homes and things with an expectation that they’re there to support – no hinder – who we are and where we’re headed, we cannot help it but stay connected to our higher self and our best work in the world.


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