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A house is a living system: decorating, organizing, and house maintenance needs are interdependent. It’s only when we address these needs together that houses reveal homes.

With a membership, we can collaborate freely, without watching the clock or wondering what’s included, and get enough runway to achieve gnarly goals without the knee-jerking that comes from tackling hard projects one-off.

Here, you get prompt and individualized attention; your needs and goals drive our solutions.

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  • Finishes and fixtures specification
  • Onsite liaison with builders
  • Interiors color consulting
  • Space planning and layout
  • Furnishings specification
  • Trade discount and free samples
  • Showroom field trips
  • Intentional organizing
  • Unwanted items haul-away
  • Space tidying/refreshing
  • Moving or downsizing preparation
  • Real estate staging
  • Coordination of 70+ house maintenance tasks


Think of your membership as a ‘global entry’ pass that gets your most pressing needs addressed promptly, and a CSA declining balance account that you use toward services that match your current needs.

When you become a member, we define the scope of work for the membership period based on Reveal’s menu of services and your priorities and goals. We then define and assign projects quarterly. Reveal reports out on progress monthly, and tracks services delivered so you know if you’re over or under your retainer and can plan work intentionally. Overage time is billed hourly until membership renewal.

Retainer: $600/month semi-annually or $500/month annually



  • Discover preferences, priorities and goals
  • On-site consultation



  • Contract and payment
  • Personalized dashboard



  • Service delivery and coordination
  • Ongoing communication


Reveal serves families across life seasons. We’re a good match if you are:

  • Tired of patchwork solutions and piecemeal changes; you want transformation
  • Overwhelmed by full schedules, tall piles, and long lists; you crave clarity and calm
  • Ready for the soothing balm of living with beauty and function; you seek simplicity
  • Wary of the isolating ‘do it all’ lie; you want authentic connection and welcome help

Our clients often work careers that don’t allow them to ‘step out’ to handle house appointments, but we also work with several stay-at-home parents who benefit from a proven structure to reset their home lives. We’ve worked with families in transition: new baby, kids leaving the nest, moving. Some clients just aren’t at all interested in making it to page 67 of chairs on Wayfair, while others are new to the area and want an experienced local guide. Whatever season you find yourself in, running your house shouldn’t weigh you down!


Reveal manages your house as a system designed to serve you now.

Our decorating, organizing, and house management philosophy is informed by principles of business operations management to reduce churn on recurring tasks and tackle projects smarter, not harder. We believe form follows function, and quality only hurts once. We keep it simple.

We prize each member household, honoring their unique needs and the confidence and trust they place in us.

Read more about Reveal here.


INTEGRITY / We strive for honesty and transparency in every matter.

CREATIVITY / We connect dots and see opportunity in unexpected places.

EMPATHY / We place ourselves in your shoes; we hold space and make peace.

RESOURCEFULNESS / We say ‘no, but…’

DILIGENCE / We work methodically, follow through, and go the extra mile.

PERSEVERANCE / We do the complete job and aren’t daunted by setbacks.

SERVICE / We do little things with great love.

What’s included

Reveal coordinates umpteen decorating and renovation decisions with selections that work for your lifestyle, taste, and budget. We do that through site visits, conceptual sketches, conversations with builders and tradespeople, moodboards, showroom visits, sample ordering, and more. We also specialize in interiors color consulting, space planning, as well as finishes, fixtures, and furnishings specifications.

Once your house envelope is beautiful and functional, we help you stay organized however it makes sense to you – we can work by location or KonMari Method category. We’re always available to come back and refresh your spaces for day-to-day function or a special occasion. Importantly, we take on the ‘invisible’ work of running a house: from boiler service to rug cleaning, we can tailor a personalized house management dashboard from over 70 house maintenance tasks delivered by our trusted network of providers.


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