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Reveal is your decorator on retainer. We help you visualize your space’s potential, troubleshoot on-site snags, and navigate the umpteen decisions inherent to any renovation. We deliver moodboards, conceptual sketches, color consulting, finishes, fixtures, and furnishings specifications, and liaise with your builder. Enjoy the process!

Investment: $3,500/quarter


Reveal delivers three full-day sessions to organize a combination of small spaces (e.g. pantry, fridge, mudroom, playroom) or KonMari Method categories (e.g. books, clothes), or one large space (e.g. basement, garage) or category (e.g. paper) over the course of one quarter.

Investment: $2,000/quarter


Reveal creates a personalized house management dashboard with 12 annual tasks (e.g. boiler maintenance, gutter cleaning) coordinated and supervised on your behalf by your preferred or our trusted network of providers.

Investment: $3,000/year

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Avoid angst and the infinity pool of online research. Reveal expertly reads your style and functional needs, makes recommendations, and can even help you implement them. We deliver moodboards, conceptual sketches, color consulting, finishes, fixtures, and furnishings specifications, showroom visit tag-along, plus real estate staging.

Investment: Starting at $275


Whether you’re short on time to stay ‘on top of it,’ or your family doesn’t always ‘honor the system,’ Reveal helps you bring back the calm to spaces previously organized by us. Scope of work during the three-hour session depends on condition of spaces at time of visit.

Investment: $275


Bring your need or choose a seasonal or annual house maintenance task from a curated menu of over six dozen based on your priorities, preferences, and budget. We coordinate, follow up, and supervise the work for you.

Investment: $275


Choose the membership or package that best matches your needs today.

A membership is recommended if you’re a fan of keeping it simple. If you’re short on time, attention, or desire to engage with a renovation, an overwhelming ‘visual field’ at home, or house maintenance a membership can be worth its weight in gold. For example, not every builder offers project management during a renovation. Even when they do, renovations can be easily slowed down, and cost more, due to analysis paralysis and ‘on the fly’ change orders; if you’re setting up house, you might benefit from having us identify maintenance needs, establish service relationships, and get you set up for success. Memberships also help busy professionals, like doctors and professors, who cannot ‘step away from the office’ to handle appointments at home.

Packages have been created with flexibility in mind. They’re meant to complement memberships or stand alone. You choose. We help.



  • Discover preferences, priorities, budget
  • On-site consultation



  • Personalized membership and package recommendation
  • Contract and payment



  • Service delivery and coordination
  • Ongoing communication
  • On-site visits


Reveal serves families across life seasons. We connect your household with the area’s best services, help you settle into organized, beautiful spaces, and cut through analysis paralysis with curated house and home products right for your lifestyle and budget. We’re a good match if you are:

  • Overwhelmed by full schedules, tall piles, and long lists
  • Working a career that doesn’t allow you to ‘step out’ to handle home appointments
  • Not at all interested in making it to page 67 of dining chair options on Wayfair
  • Transitioning: New baby, kids leaving the nest, or moving away
  • Renovating, new to the UV, establishing a second home or living here seasonally

Whatever season you find yourself in, running your house shouldn’t slow you down!


Reveal manages your house as a system designed to serve you now.

Our decorating, organizing, and house management philosophy is informed by principles of business operations management to reduce churn on recurring tasks and tackle projects smarter, not harder. We believe form follows function, and quality only hurts once. We keep it simple.

We prize each member household, honoring their unique needs and the confidence and trust they place in us.

Read more about Reveal here.


INTEGRITY / We strive for honesty and transparency in every matter.

CREATIVITY / We connect dots and see opportunity in unexpected places.

EMPATHY / We place ourselves in your shoes; we hold space and make peace.

RESOURCEFULNESS / We say ‘no, but…’

DILIGENCE / We work methodically, follow through, and go the extra mile.

PERSEVERANCE / We do the complete job and aren’t daunted by setbacks.

SERVICE / We do little things with great love.

What’s included

When you become a member, Reveal brings order to the gnarly seasons and spaces of home life. We can coordinate umpteen renovation decisions by making selections that work for your lifestyle, taste, and budget. We can coordinate unruly piles, busy counters, and jammed spaces into a calm and collected sanctuary. We can coordinate dozens of house management tasks – from boiler maintenance to rug cleaning – on your behalf.

After several years doing this work, we introduced memberships to further simplify your decision: our flat fee is fair (based on years of experience scoping and delivering work) and transparent to allow us to collaborate freely without watching the clock or wondering what’s included.

Whether you become a member or purchase a package, you’ll reclaim time and attention spent looking for things ‘lost’ in plain sight, the ‘right’ product to complete a space, or the ‘best’ service provider to deal with your house maintenance need. Reveal the house you need for the home you want – on your terms.


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